1. Please email me at for an initial consultation. I will need a photograph of your pet. Attatch several files and we can discuss which would make the best portrait. Photographs can be headshots or full body. A close up of your pets face is also helpful. Pets are welcome to wear collars, scarves, clothing, pose with favorite toys; anything that speaks strongly of your pet. 

I usually work on a large canvas, but we can decide upon size, shape, the number of animals, and color pallete for the portrait, all of which effect price. Prices average around $500. For example, that would cover a 24" by "30" canvas, 2 animals, and a simple background. (Not including shipping) 

  2. After a price and plan is finalized a 25% deposit  is required to cover the cost of materials, and insure offers are serious. (I use Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards.)

 3. I will email you several photos documenting the progress of your portrait. Only once you okay the final painting will I ask for the remaining balance plus shipping and handling if neccessary. When I recieve your check, your portrait will be on the way!
*I welcome mixed media projects too! Ask about added embelishments like swarovski crystals and hand embroidered details.

*If you would like a quick price quote before sending in photographs, please see the "Questions & Price Quotes" page.
Pet Portraits by Grace Warrington